Selva Eyewear
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Selva Eyewear is a Melbourne-based start up company specialising in the design and manufacturing of eyewear. We were approached to build an E-commerce store that allowed their customers to seamlessly customise and purchase their products. The store needed to be managed and updated by the team at Selva Eyewear. After talking with Director, Sarah Selvadurai, it became clear that they pride themselves on their detailed approach and have a deep respect for eyewear design, going as far as having them handmade in Japan, a leader in fine eyewear.

We emphasised these important principles using loud, bold imagery. This was matched with a light colour palette of mainly white and greys. We developed an E-commerce solution that allows for content and store management by Sarah and her team. It also gives customers a way to easily customise & preview their chosen eyewear products and process their payments.

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