Sweet Tooth Productions
CMS. Web Design.

Sweet Tooth Productions are based in Melbourne and Toronto specialising in content production. They are an exciting start-up working with companies from a range of industries, including music, beauty and food and beverages. Sweet Tooth pride themselves in their creative process and close engagement with clients to achieve results.

Sweet Tooth required a website to showcase their work, promote their brand through social media and encourage potential clients to reach out using a direct contact form. They also wanted the flexibility to update and add content as the website and business grow.

To ensure we had a solid understanding of the Sweet Tooth’s requirements, we had a number of meetings with the partners and teams both in Melbourne and Toronto. In our experience it’s through continuous client interaction that allows us to effectively communicate their business ethos. We also used a CMS to develop custom templates which works seamlessly across desktop and mobile. Our approach has led to a rich user experience that speaks to Sweet Tooth’s abstract creative culture.


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